Lose Fat, Build Muscle Diet – The Real Deal


Lose fat build muscle diet abound on the Internet. They have been called many names, and often have a diet with weight training comes from tone of fat to become muscle. This is a misconception that has gone on too long and now this needs to be clarified.

Fat is different from muscle

The misconception that has been repeated often is that fat can be turned into muscle. This is completely wrong concept according to science. Fat is excess nutrients and sugars that the body has consumed but is unused, make these compounds in fat, storable fuel for the body. Muscles on the other hand, the fiber when used allow for movement of limbs and other body parts, whether consciously or autonomic ally. The basic difference between fat and muscle makes it impossible for one to become the other, contrary to what others have said.

The Real Science of fat and muscle

Fat does not become muscle and muscle do not get fat. Two body parts are chemically and physically different for them to be one and the same thing. Fat seems to be muscle because it actually happens is that the muscles buried under fat are working, making them more developed. Fat is also used as fuel activities done for the development of muscle. On the other hand, muscles show signs of fat when they are not used, turning them from hard fiber to flabby gel-like substances.

The Real lose fat, Build Muscle Diet

The best way to lose fat and build muscle is not just through diet but to make exercise and healthy eating part of everyday life. Here are some ways to lose fat and build muscle.

* Skip lifestyle. You have to do this in order to eliminate unhealthy habits you have and take the healthy ones. One of the first and hardest things to do was to stop your train, like smoking or drinking and late night partying, where they are unhealthy activities for you.

* Select the exercise regimen. After review, you need to develop, under the guidance of a trained professional or from one of the excellent self-directed courses available, and exercise regimen that is best for your daily life. It can be low impact exercise like walking or high impact and intense exercise such as weightlifting, as long as you are able to do it regularly without hampering day-to-day activities.

* Eat healthy. Fat comes from the food you eat. Choose A diet high in fiber would help counteract the bad carbohydrate binges that you need to satisfy your hunger. Portion control also helps and even simply to avoid what are considered high sugar and high carbohydrate foods like cake can help you avoid putting on the pounds to get fat on the body.

* Control stress. Stress causes all sorts of problems in the body. Aside from frazzling nerves, stress, fatigue, eating a lot more to get going. Just to manage stress through breathing exercises or stretching can help relieve stress altogether and solve problems faster.


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