How to burn fat and build muscle


Fat burning advantage by practicing exercises in the morning. A common question …

Is it better cardiovascular exercise in the morning or the evening?

You burn the same number of calories in the morning than in the evening for the same amount of exercise. However, studies show that the percentage of fat burned during exercise in the morning on an empty stomach is larger.

Research at the University of Kansas State in the United States, to assess what calories you burn by doing exercises fasting and also after normal meal.

Eight people in good physical shape (aged 21-27 years) participated in this study.

The results have shown that you burn the same amount of calories on an empty stomach after a meal, but people who had consumed all the calories for exercise, burn greater amount of fat than those who ate their last meal up to an hour and a half before practice.

Other features are related to cardiovascular exercise done in the morning. Increased energy during the day and increases metabolism (more calories burned) awake time.

In addition, this research has shown that people who cultivate early tend to keep their exercise program long term.

While those who prefer to exercise later in the day tend to miss workouts, this being due to the disturbance and fatigue daily.

Analysts agree that the training exercise movement is generally beneficial regardless of the time you do.

Get up early to do your cardio can help you burn more calories from fat.

Exercising at night is also effective and should not be overlooked. When you exercise in the evening, increases metabolism so you burn fat and reduce a huge advantage for the cardiovascular system.

Spread your meals to burn more fat.

The composition and distribution of meals can play an important role in your ability to burn fat.

Losing fat fast depends not only what you eat but when you eat.

If you do cardio in the morning, do it immediately after waking up and not eat.

take more types of energy efficiency Booster with caffeine before exercise to help mobilize fat for energy.

Research shows that the use of caffeine before exercise can help burn more fat by affecting the supply of it for energy.

To maximize the benefits of cardio all day, you need to replace your meals and reduce the consumption of carbohydrates.

Do your cardio 2 or 3 hours after eating and make sure that this meal is low in sugar to reduce the effect of insulin and to maximize fat loss.

After the exercise, try to eat a meal in a relatively low glycemic index.

This will help support hormone responsible for burning fat, such as glucagon and insulin control.

Eat at least two hours before a cardiovascular workout and making sure meals before and after exercise, you’re Carb burn more calories from fat and avoid depression energy.

Set the length of cardiovascular exercise to build muscle.

Moderate intensity cardio work is the best way to build muscle and improve heart health. While cardio is beneficial to health in general, do cardio 4-6 times a week in high intensity is cons-productive to muscle growth.

If you do cardio while trying to build muscle, it should be of medium intensity.

Removal low intensity exercises that keep the heart at a rate that does not exceed 60% of the maximum frequency (VO2 max).

If the concentration is too high, excess calories are burned and you can use some of the muscles for energy.

balance and distribute meals to build muscle mass.

Build muscle means eating in quantity and quality sufficient to increase muscle mass.

Eat plenty of high quality protein throughout the day, both before and after exercise.

Start the day with a source of quality protein in addition to breakfast (Pure Performance ® Whey or whey protein results).

It is important to contribute to high-quality protein and carbohydrates immediately upon waking. Then begin your workout in the morning.

If you train in the evening, good absorb calories including protein, complex carbohydrates and essential fats before you start your day.

This is much different for people who aim to try to burn fat and avoid eating before cardiovascular exercise.

Recent research conducted by Tipton show that the consumption of 30 grams of whey protein concentrate (containing 15 grams of essential amino acids) before and after exercise can increase protein synthesis up to 400%!

Additional studies show that consuming drinks that combines protein and carbohydrates, protein powder type drink immediately after exercise can also increase protein synthesis.

These are placed in more muscle if consumed several hours later.

The following meals should contain a mixture of high quality protein and complex carbohydrates.

Build muscle depends on the balance between the right training, nutritional quality and adequate rest for recovery.

Neglecting any of these settings may prevent muscle you want.


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