How to build muscle without weights Fast – 5 Important Tips


Learn how to build muscle without weights fast is not impossible to do. You can achieve this by doing exercises with your own body weight or doing resistance band exercises. Remember workout routines should be a mixture of both to achieve the body you want without using weights. Here are some tips and exercises on how you can successfully make it


If you want to learn how to build muscle without weights fast, so you should learn how to do push-ups. At least 3 sets or 15 repetitions of push-ups can already help you develop your muscles especially the shoulders, chest and arms.

Standing calf raises

This can be very useful in strengthening and developing the proper shape legs. You can simply use the structures or even stairs in your home to perform this exercise.

Bicycle Crunches

If you want to learn how to build muscle without weights fast and well developed muscles in the abdominal part of the body, then this exercise should be included in life. Bicycle crunches can work the upper and lower abdomen plus your obliques. The habits, make sure you do at least 3 sets of 15 repetitions for each leg to maintain a balance between each leg.


This exercise is very useful when trying to develop the muscles of the thighs and legs. You can do this exercise for 3 sets of 15 repetitions each of life.

Cardiovascular exercises

This should definitely be included in your exercise routine. If you really want to learn how to develop muscle without weights fast, then you should include this in practice this can be very useful. Make sure to spend a few minutes swimming or running or doing other cardiovascular exercises to enhance the body’s health and fitness.

Learn how to build muscle fast without weights, and exercise is a healthy diet plan. Make sure your diet menu contains a lot of protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients that help develop muscles. Good muscle-building foods can be beans, chicken, lean meat, fish, whey, eggs, oatmeal, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, vegetables and sweet potatoes. A diet that is made up of some of these foods along with exercise routine can definitely help you to develop and build muscles without using weights.


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