Build Muscle without weights


Did you know that you can build muscle without weights? Sometimes you just do not have time to get to the gym. Maybe the work program has become too hectic, or go to the home that do not let you get away. For whatever reason, you still need to work your muscles regularly or they will begin to break down. When this happens, start over again and all your previous work will have been for nothing.

There are several ways to build muscle without weights. Which you choose will likely depend primarily on cost and convenience. Here you will find the most cost effective way to build muscle without weights and easy. The rest is up to you.

Practice at Home

gymnastics, also called weight training can be done at home and free. These exercises are push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, crunches, deep knee bends, and so on. These exercises alone will not build muscle. They will only succeed in maintaining muscle, if done in the way you were taught in high school gym class. Gymnastics can build muscle without weights if done in a way to achieve the goal. Must be used to push your muscles as if they were used to lift weights. To do this, increase the reps to as many as you can stand, at least 100. Do the exercises slowly, this puts more stress on the muscles. Take less time between sets, do not give the muscles time to rest until all the routine is completed. Be sure to flex muscles before and during each session. This will tire out the muscles and make them work harder. Push yourself to the limit and you will be able to build muscle without weights and without spending a dime.


Some supplements claim to build muscle without weights, even while you sleep. The problem with that statement is that we all build muscle while we sleep, but supplements may well speed up the process. The problem with supplements is that they will not work alone. You have to treat them as they are – I to training and diet. If you are doing home exercises and want to add a supplement, which would perform better than the addition of itself. Supplements can be expensive, especially if you buy more than one.

Diet is also very important if you want to build muscle without weights but beware the standard calorie diet the body builder is. Too many extra calories without weight training is going to turn to fat. Some extra calories are good if you’re doing calisthenics, but do not go overboard. Remember, you want to build muscle without weights, not build muscle without weights.


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