Build Muscle – Why you need to eat fat to build muscle


In his search to make sure when they build muscle and that’s lean, many bodybuilders adapt relatively ‘fat phobic’ state of mind. They believe that if they eat less fatty food, they should have an easier time staying lean.

Let’s face it, after you spend months trying to build muscle, the last thing you want to do is to turn around and have to spend another couple of months to lose fat you have gained along the way. Building muscle does take a surplus of calories, but if you hope to achieve any notable success.

What you need to realize is that it’s going to be how much extra calories you eat that determines whether you get fat, not because these calories are specifically coming from .

It is not going to make a whole lot of difference if you eat 300 calories extra per day come from pure fat calories or pure carbohydrates -. It is, of course, provided basic protein and carbohydrates are met

If you are a protein deficiency, then most certainly you’re going to have a problem, and most people who are bodybuilding, protein deficiency is not something they need to worry about.

Fat and Building Muscle

While you may still be tempted to load up on pasta, rice, bagels, and cereal, do not be so fast yet.

While this is definitely a great food to help you progress and weight gain will help refill muscle glycogen stores so you can workout with the intensity of each session, you can not neglect your fat intake.

Getting over any fat phobia you have is important to see the results you’re hoping for.


One of the main reasons why fat can not completely avoid the diet because it is going to go a long way to promote best levels of testosterone.

You already know that the more testosterone you have flowing in your body, the better muscle gains you will see, so, it only makes sense that if you can increase this through dietary means you most



When was the last time you ate 3 bagels at a time? Full, were you not? Let’s face it, for those who have to get to 4000 calories a day, eat strictly carbohydrates and protein is going to be rather difficult -. Unless you enjoy feeling like you’re going to explode

For the same three dents, you have finished a cup of peanuts for the same calories.

Would not that be easier on the stomach? I thought so.

By including fat in your diet, you will have a much easier time to get the calories you need to get weight gain happen.


Finally, the last reason why you must include fat bodybuilding diet plan is because it is going to be a powerhouse when it comes to energy. Fat packs more calories per gram than any other type of food so if you are hoping to increase your energy, you should not eliminate fat.

Fat will go through different processes in the body to gain energy than carbohydrates or protein, but it is still going to be the strongest source of energy out there.

So, have a look over your current diet. Are you getting enough fat? If not, you can not be build as much muscle as you possibly can. Do not want to get the best results from your exercise?


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