Best Diets for belly fat and foods that help build Muscle – Simple and easy


For those of us who want to lose belly fat and gain muscle we need to know what are the best foods that can help to achieve both of these objectives. In order to maintain a healthier lifestyle is not only important that you should exercise regularly to burn off unwanted fat, you should also keep a close eye on the foods you eat too. Many problems that we all face at some point in any diet is the fact that many food dieting are “boring and tasteless” so to speak.

Within this article are some of the foods available to you that will help build muscle and reduce your calorie intake.


Lean protein like lean beef contains zinc and iron which is essential as it helps to promote muscle growth, it is also high in creatine, which in turn provides energy to the muscles.


As with all types of mollusc, oysters are too high in protein, vitamin B -12, iron and copper are low in fat and contains good source minerals.By eat oysters regular blood will be kept in good condition as it also carries oxygen to the muscles.


Undoubtedly the egg to be one of the most popular source of protein and are readily available and very easy to prepare any type of meal, they are too rich in choline which is very good for the brain.


As part of the legume family, lentils are good for keeping both energy and blood sugar levels stable as well as being a great source of soluble fiber. Lentils contain a lot of valuable protein that releases energy will slow to a more complex carbohydrates, which is then ideal for long workouts.


Oily fish including mackerel and sardines are high in Omega 3 fatty acids that can boost insulin levels of the body, by making it increases your metabolism too.

cashew nuts

These small parcels of nutrients are high in potassium, magnesium, polyunsaturated fatty acids, folate and vitamin E and are a good source of fiber. Fat oil is considered to be very useful to our body.

There are many types of nuts available such as hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds and Brazil nuts.


As well as being rich in lycopene, tomatoes are good food that can help eliminate stress. The lycopene in tomatoes are more powerful when cooked -. As in ketchup, for example,


as oatmeal or barley, spelled is a very good grain source of slow release energy foods. This is also found in flake form, ideal for breakfast cereal.


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